Tuesday, 26 January 2010

A kind of prediction type thing totally copied from somewhere else (Part Uno)

Much to the shock of both myself and the rest of the world, Hell froze over as I didn't get a chance to watch much football this weekend. Well, not enough to justify a decent 'observations' post. This is not because I have fallen 'out of love with the FA Cup' or some other ridiculous cliché that pundits and commentators all over the country have suggested as being behind the low attendances at matches (or was that just in the third round? Is it still a valid talking point now?). I just don't feel that from what I did see and hear, there weren't enough interesting talking points to carry a blog that in all likelihood will be read by no-one other than myself in a few months when I get bored of watching episode after episode of Two and a Half Men on Comedy Central.

So what I've decided to do is to see is to look ahead to this weeks Premier League programme and do some kind of preview slash prediction for each match. You may have seen this kind of thing somewhere before but don't hold my lack of originality against me.

I've decided to break this up into two parts. Tuesday's games first and Wednesday's tomorrow as that would make more sense than doing it the other way round wouldn't it?

Bolton v Burnley

To be at the Reebok for this one. Owen Coyle against the team he brought into the Premier League so soon after abandoning them like some unwanted family pet after Christmas when the little Timmy decides that Rex isn't quite the dog he wanted. Well, Rex is back, and this time, it's personal...

Coyle has been unlucky in that he had to face Arsenal in his first 2 games but will be happy with the way they played in both games. Burnley are shocking away from home so you'd think this would be a home banker. However, If they are to have a chance here they should be encouraged by the fact Bolton are about as disciplined as a your typical Lancashire lass on a given weekend (or so i've heard) and are yet to keep a clean sheet in 20 games so far this season.

Prediction: First points for Coyle with a 3-1 win for the Trotters to leapfrog their Lancs rivals in the table.

Portsmouth v West Ham

Another basement battle as the penniless paupers of the Premier League go head to head. The derby of debt some (me) have called it. Does anyone else get the mental image of two homeless people fighting – possibly to the death – over a discarded (and expired) half of an M&S Chicken Salad sandwich as a means of food allowing one of them to survive the cold night ahead? No? Just me then.

Well, with West Ham now controlled by David squared the traveling fans can probably sing about having less debt like it is actually something to be proud of. Still, I think that's the only thing they'll be singing about as Pompey, lack of pay and all, haven't actually been THAT bad at Fratton Park and a West Ham team desperate for a striker may be be one of the few teams not capable of causing the home side's defence much trouble.

Prediction: A rare moment of joy before the despair of administration. 2-0 Portsmouth

Tottenham v Fulham

Cant see anything beyond a home win here. Fulham have been very bad away from the cottage for years. Spurs on the other hand are either really good at home or really awful. Rarely is there a middle ground. They're overdue a big home performance and will want a reaction after Jermaine Beckford waltzed in and started walking around White Hart Lane like he owned the joint. If they are serious about 4th place, they'll need to quickly forget how pitifully they allowed Liverpool back into the race and push on themselves. With their attacking talent (including my alternative suggestion for their player of the season so far Niko Kranjcar) and Fulham potentially missing their two players of the season in Bobby Zamora and Clint Dempsey, I see a big score here.

Prediction: Long night for 'Woy' as Spurs romp to a 4-0 win to consolidate 4th place

Wolves v Liverpool

With no distractions from here until May, if Liverpool don't make some serious headway up the table, residents of Merseyside might see something of a human sacrifice with a slightly overweight bearded Spaniard burning on the pyre. Games against the likes of Wolves shouldn't even provide a worry. Particularly if Mick McCarthy decides it isn't winnable.

Saying that, we've all seen Liverpool so far this season and even the reverse fixture was far from convincing (You might remember the home needed needed Wolves to go down to ten men before they could take control of the game...). Rumours are that Stevee Ge'arrrhd could be back but given the indifferent season he's had thus far is that really even an added bonus for his side? Despite their problems, you think Wolves wouldn't cause too much trouble but once again, this is Liverpool we're taking about.

Prediction: Rafa keeps the Wolves at the door with a slim 1-0 win.

Part Two to follow

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