Monday, 1 October 2007

Things I Learnt Watching Football This Weekend (29-30 September)

1. I don't understand how some people interpret the rules of football
For once a referee gets it right and he still gets grief.

Forget about dodgy offsides, diving and disallowed goals etc. After Martin Atkinson rightly sent off Didier Drogba for what was quite simply reckless play, you then get pundits such as Andy Gray on his 'Last Word' saying that the decision was harsh.

Yes, it's clear that Drogba had his eye on the ball the whole time but that is far too simplistic an explanation.

Drogba, as a striker, is well aware that he is not the only player on the pitch. We know footballer's aren't the sharpest tools in the drawer but even good old Didier must know that a defensive player is likely to challenge any airborne ball with their head.

So, if he leaps 6 feet in the air with his foot raised like he did, there is every chance he is going to hurt someone. If he does, deliberate or not, it's dangerous play and yes, he deserves a yellow card for it. For refs like Atkinson, if he took no action, it is people like Gray who will jump on his back. Damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. I like 'The Last Word' because Andy usually gets it right. Not this time though.

2. Certain teams just cant step up when required

I watched The Rowdies against Birmingham on Saturday and they were, once again, far from convincing and could well have been 2-0 down at half time. CSKA Fulham are in disarray and were reduced to 10 men. Fulham Northern Irish were in a great position to take full advantage.

Reports suggest that Wigan were able to cause Liverpool real problems thanks to Rafa's musical chairs selection policy and West Ham, off the back of some good results could have extended their impressive recent record against Arsenal.

Of course, the best we got was the draw at The Kremlin and it really worries me that the top sides can all play at some distance off their best and still come away relatively unscathed. Yes CSKA are struggling but everyone fully expects they will be comfortably in the top 4 come next May. Svenchester City are doing their best to upset the Status Quo but we all know that they aren’t capable of sustaining a realistic title challenge just yet. It's certainly a case of As You Were Gentlemen.

3. However, Football is still capable of crazy unpredictability

I could bang on about some atrocious defending...
I could talk about some embarrassing goalkeeping...
I could talk about breaking records...
I could speculate about how each manager is going to react...

But I think I'll just keep it short and Sweet...

Portsmouth 7 (seven)
Reading 4

5. Shevchenko's demise is tragic

Eleven goals at Fratton Park but will the man who, not so long ago, was being described as one of the finest strikers of our generation even reach that total this season? The sad figure who currently roams around the Kremlin every other weekend looks a shadow of the former European footballer of the year and 3 time champions league golden boot winner.

My sources at CSKA tell me he was at his absolute worst on Saturday and the boos he received when subbed were actually a generous assessment of his performance. I generally don't sympathise with blues' players but 'Sheva' doesn't dive, cheat, sulk or harangue referees. He just seems like genuinely nice guy happy to score goals for his team. It's difficult to enjoy his current suffering particularly when you know what he's capable of.

Another one for the list of decent players who have come to this country with a big rep and undoubted class but just couldn’t adapt.

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